Harvard LLM

The oldest continuously operating law school in the United States, Harvard Law School possesses a reputation that is both mythical and justified.  It boasts an unrivalled calibre of alumni. The US president, Barrack Obama, is an alumni of HLS, and served as the Editor of the Harvard Law Review. His republican challenger in 2012, Mitt Romney, was also a graduate. Fourteen HLS graduates have served on the US Supreme Court. On the current Supreme Court, six out of nine judges attended HLS. The University’s campus is located in Cambridge, just outside of Boston.  Although there is a very large range of specialized courses, Harvard only offers one general LL.M. program.  The school accepts 150 students every year to be a part of the LL.M.  Over the past three admissions cycles, we have helped lawyers and law students from 8 different countries gain entry into the Harvard LLM program.

The Most Demanding LLM Personal Statement

The Harvard Law School LLM Application is by far the most demanding and time consuming.  The Harvard LLM Personal Statement (limited to 1500 words) is divided into two roughly equal parts. In the first part, applicants are asked to tell Harvard about themselves.  Instead of repeating items on their CV, applicants should give a glimpse into their character, write about challenges and obstacles they have overcome and what they expect a Harvard LLM degree will help them achieve professionally and personally.  In the second part, applicants are asked to identify a current legal problem or issue affecting the world or their country, and are asked to propose a way to solve it.  Applicants need not (necessarily) propose a framework to solve global poverty or climate change.  Instead, they should tackle concrete and specific problems with practical solutions.  It is important that applicants show Harvard that they are not dreamers, but pragmatic problem solvers and realists.