LLM Rankings

The following rankings have been established based on the experience of LLM Coach.  The following factors have been taken into account: Number of LLM graduates working in Top 100 international law firms (40%),  admissions selection rate (20%) and U.S. News J.D. rankings (20%). The remaining factors (20%) were survey-based, and survey factors included class size, reputation abroad, integration of LLM students in larger Law School setting, international make-up of the LLM class.

These rankings do not correspond exactly to the J.D. rankings, and they should not.  While there are several general Law School rankings available, there is no official or quasi-official LLM ranking based on an objective and verifiable methodology. Please consult other resources in this area, such as LLM-Coach.com, LLM Roadmap, and other LLM Rankings. Note that no LLM ranking has surfaced as being authoritative or even persuasive.  These rankings do not purport to be official: they are merely to be of guidance to students seeking LLM degrees.  For questions, comments or suggestions concerning these rankings, methodology used or factors considered, please contact us.

Overall 2013 LLM Rankings:

1. Harvard
2. Columbia
3. NYU
4. Stanford
5. Berkeley
6. Pennsylvania (U.Penn)
7. Chicago
8. Georgetown
9. Duke
10. UCLA

2013 LLM Rankings :
Corporate / Business / Commercial Law

1. Harvard
2. Columbia
3. Stanford
4. Penn
5. NYU

2013 LLM Rankings :
International Litigation & Arbitration

1. NYU
2. Harvard
3. Columbia
4. Georgetown
5. Berkeley

2013 LLM Rankings : Academia & Legal Scholarship Career

1. Yale
2. Harvard
3. Chicago
4. Columbia
5. NYU